1. anarchy0x

    Buying a HD monitor for gaming (& surfing & watching movies)

    I bought my last one 2-3 years back, without asking anyone online & relying solely on the shop person & deeply regretted it as it wasn't Full HD. I own a Samsung S20A300N which has a maximum resolution of 1600X900. My config: CPU Intel i5 3570k MB Maximus V Gene RAM Gskill 8gb ddr3 1600mhz...
  2. Anorion

    Sitting will kill you (and yes, it causes cancer)

    Sitting will kill you, even if you exercise -
  3. Zangetsu

    Science Discussion Thread

    Hello People.. Created this thread to share & gain some knowledge on science (Physics/Chemistry/Maths etc etc) Q: Why does a bird sitting on high tension wires doesn't get electrocuted? Do participate :doublethumb:
  4. C

    Memory Problem in Windows 7

    Dear Friends, My computer shows only 3.73 GB usable although I have 8 GB RAM. Why this is happening? Please Help. Also I noticed Through Virtual Box that My Windows 7 uses only 4 GB RAM. That means another 4GB is sitting like a duck...?? :-( Please Help. Thanks in Advance... Here is the...
  5. Vyom

    Sitting is Killing You: Infographic

    You might want to stand up for this! Source: Sitting is Killing You I bet you are still sitting! :(
  6. Pravas

    Desktop Users Sitting Arrangement?

    Hi all, i am a Desktop User and spend enormous time infront of it. So as a result I'm having back pains. And I've to blame this to my uncomfortable sitting arrangement. I would now opt for some ergonomics, do you guys use one or can suggest me few.
  7. alexanderthegreat

    Urban Terror 4.1 installer doesn't work.

    Problem: Urban Terror 4.1 installer doesn't work. The Urban Terror 4.1 installer provided in the digit Dec 2008 By Demand DVD doesn't work. When launched, it slows down the system with no visual feedback whatsoever. When I run Task Manager, I see the installation processes sitting there frozen...
  8. R

    Importance Of Work Station Setup

    Workstation a place where most of us spend half of the day.It is seen that everyday we spend our time sitting on computer,sending and receiving mails,recieving calls and faxes.Most of us face a general problem when we return home regarding back pain,debilitating neck and shoulder pain.This is...
  9. I

    Remote monitoring

    High all, My friend have a farm that is about 200 kilometers away from his city where he resides. Currently, he makes weekly up-down to watch out the activities going on in the farm. Is there any way that he can monitor all the activities over there just by sitting in his house? What kind of...
  10. shadow slayer 2007

    Ragnarok Online

    Is the game good I am downloading it from the website its 1.4gb my friend told me to download he says it is good game to waste a lot of time i am sitting home bored and want some fun How is the graphics
  11. A

    Quake 4 in jans dvd not working

    I tried reinstalling it many times but the game wouldnt start it always shows a error ie quake 4 has encounter... send report to microsoft man what can bill gates do from the us sitting in an ac cabin lol just joking!! are others facing this too??? :?: :!:
  12. godsownman

    IP address

    Is there any way to get the IP address of a remote computer sitting at another remote pc not in a LAN but over the internet. Thanks.
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