image file for win xp

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Arey yaar y do u spam man... is post count that imp to u.. neways. y don't u write the cd urself... read the previous digit issues or search the forum for that matter.
Prathamesh Pitale said:
Prathamesh Pitale said:
any body can send me boot image of windows xp
{ISO file}

ie imagefile.img

or any location

You Can Make youself Iso files For Windows
Check this Month Digit Issue For WindowsXp and Sp2 Pack Making Iso Of Windows SP2,Or Search The Forum,You Will Get Their Answer by me somewhere,I remember This


Ignorance is BLISS !!
Get it from ur nearest comp dealer !
And if u r friendly in ur neighbourhood or well known, then u can get it for Rs.11 (he'll write it 4 u on a Moserbaer disc and will charge u for the disk alone !)

And since u live in ahmednagar, u can find innumerable shops which sell bootable XP CDs for approx. Rs. 50.

When u do have so many solutions 2 ur prob, why the hell do u have 2 download a XP image !!!!!!!!!!

You surely are insane if you still think of downloading the image file !!!


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OK what he is asking for is just the Boot Image ONLY big deal u can get it at any Splitstream Sp2 Tutorial so giving it here ...hope am not brakin any rules..:D

Get it Here
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