IFTTT not working with Airtel? Need solution or alternative


I am trying to set up a mechanism on my android phone so that if I get an sms of event detail, it will add it to my calendar. On searching the net, I found that originally Google had this facility in the US but it was discontinued. However, it appears that there are services like IFTTT which allow me to create or use existing "recipes" to automate such tasks.

I downloaded and installed IFTTT on my android, signed up for it and tried to use an existing recipe for sms to event purpose. It asked me to register my phone number but I did not get any confirmation sms. Further searching appears to indicate that Airtel does not support IFTTT.

Hence, my questions are:
1. Which (if any) are the Mobile Service Providers in India which support IFTTT

2. Is there any alternative service existing that offers the above mentioned specific functionality (preferably free)

Also, is there any simple method by which I can send an sms about specific event to somebody (not as a reminder like one day before the event but for information to be added immediately)

Thanks in advance
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