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i5 4430 OR fx 8350 + a new motherboard required



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hmmm...that's news to me..:-D (coz so many Singas Poured in there, hence Singapore....just my thought, he he)
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No one handles service for Gigabyte cards except for the seller. So avoid them completely.

Really? 8350 runs cooler than 3570K? is the stock cooler enough for 8350, if you dont oc the rig or oc it a little say 1-2 years later??

Sandy Bridge on stock cooler will heat 85 degrees @ full load easily in Delhi's summer. Heck, it was hitting 80 for me in winter when I had the stock cooler. (Intel's rubbish stock cooler doesn't help either)

Ivy Bridge has seen a great decrease in die size (32 nm ---> 22 nm lithography) but not seen a proportionate decrease in TDP. Because of very small die size it has less heat flux so it runs hotter than Sandy Bridge. On stock frequencies difference isn't observable, but when overclocked Ivy Bridge is much hotter.

FX-8350 in comparison has 125w TDP but also bigger die size, so good heat flux and hence it runs cooler than both of them despite of the fact that it consumes more power when on full load.
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