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I Need Sabayon Linux

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I had a Dvd of sabayon linux that comes with aprill issue of(Linux for you magazine) ,but that dvd was crupted ,thats why i was not able to install it ,
where can i get this dvd again ,i cant dnld it from net becoz its to big ,can any one help me


Commander in Chief
Um, okay ..

1. You can try complaining it to the LFY magazine company for a replacement.
2. You can find some willing member of this forum based on the same location as you to get a copy if he has one.
3. You can go to a Net Cafe with a DVD/CD burning facility to download the image quickly there and get it burnt or transfer it home and do the same.


Evil Genius
Where you based? If you are in Bangalore, I can burn you a copy of Sabayon 3.3 and you could come pick it up...
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