I need a red switch mechanical keyboard for gaming.


I have been using TVS e-gold bharat keyboard and I have noticed that it has blue switches which aren't any good for quick registry and for my fingers. I wish to buy an mx cherry red keyboard (idk if its the right one for me). What are my options? I don't wish to spend too much. Its just that it should register faster, accurately and should be a red switch (or at least that's what I think I need). Currently, my interest has peeked into gigabyte gk force k83 red. I personally don't know much about that keyboard. My budget is less than 5k or so. I also wish to get a Tenkeyless keyboard if possible. Okay, I think I've summed up what I am looking for. Please help me out and guide me through my purchase.

Thanks for all the help in advance :)
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