mechanical keyboard

  1. ramaswamy ganapathy

    I need a red switch mechanical keyboard for gaming.

    Hi, I have been using TVS e-gold bharat keyboard and I have noticed that it has blue switches which aren't any good for quick registry and for my fingers. I wish to buy an mx cherry red keyboard (idk if its the right one for me). What are my options? I don't wish to spend too much. Its just...
  2. ezio16

    Entry level Mechanical keyboard with backlight

    Hi Guys, Thinking of buying a Mechanical keyboard as my Logitech MK200 is stopping to respond. As I haven't used Mechanical keyboards before, don't want to buy any high priced premium ones. Just want an entry level Backlit Mechanical keyboard under 2500 INR or 3K max. Some items I viewed are...
  3. S

    Help me to choose a Mechanical KB or Membrane KB

    I am web developer. Lots of typing. If it is not loud , it will be great. Some Gaming.. I am not comfortable in buying "Razer BlackWidow Chroma" - Because I couldn't justify why I should spend 13000 for RGB LEDs!! Redragon K551 VARA is available for Rs.5000/- , is it good ? and TVS GOLD...
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