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Right off the assembly line
Hi guys,
this is my first post in the forum.been planning to upgrade my old PC with a new HTPC.Might do some minimal gaming,mainly want to watch & edit movies,home videos etc. need help to finalise my config.Planning to build mid level AMD rig.
Here's what i've thought of. Kindly suggest modifications if any, need advice regarding TV tuner and processor. I'm planning to hook up to my LG full HD 32inch LCD TV with Tata sky DTH connection.

1. Gigabyte GA-MA78GM S2H or Asus M3A78-EM HDMI both 780 mobo
2. Processor Athlon X2 6000 / 7750 / or should i go for phenom X4 ?
3. 1*2 GB 800 RAM Transcend or Kingston
4. Seagate 7200.11 or WD Caviargreen 500GB SATA harddisk
5. Palit ATI HD 4670 Super or the IGP HD3200 enough ?
6. LG DVDwriter (for now)
7. Logitech EX110 wireless keyboard & mouse
8. Antec NSK 2480 case, (if available in my area,kerala) if not any alternative suggestions ? Will the 380W power enough for this setup ? Should I need addl. fans or cooling ?
9. TV tuner , which should be a good one , to view & record from DTH ?

Pls give valuable suggestions,negative comments welcome ! Thanx in advance


Rig It Up
Please tell us your budget.

Here is an Intel config for you,
Mobo Asus P5Q
Proccy C2Q 6600
Corsair XMS2 4GB RAM
Antec P180 Lifestyle Cabinet
Palit HD4870 Sonic
HDD Seagate 500Gb
LG DVD writer
TV tuner Leadtek Winfast Palm Top

Total approx 64K (Note: Config according to digit March 2009 edition)
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