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How well do Workstation Graphics Cards play Games


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TFS.. so from now on anyone asking for a workstation + light gaming we wont be recommending gaming GFX card :p


Cyborg Agent
Good article.
Strangely though, a few times I find the 7870 performing better than the 680. :-o


laborare est orare
Actually AMD always targeted the complete package solution than that of nVidia. nVidia Tesla cards, not the quadro one, can't even render. They can only act as an co-processor to handle the complex problems but AMD workstation cards can do both.


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talking about gaming only ... W9000 costs $3400 but a single HD7970 costs $400 - so HD7970 is more practical and suitable coz a whole rig can be built using 3x HD7970s with that much mone which will kick the arse of the every WS cards in games.
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