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how to restructure my partitions

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mohit sharma

well my partiotion structure is more or less same as was given 2 years ago by my vendor !!!!!
i can change partitions a bit using xp cd , i mean can murge or saperate 2 adjoining partitions only , but i need to have multiple changes , i try to use fdisk , but is not provided in xp !!
tried to use partition magic , but can't get use to it , can any1 tell me easy way to do this ??


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If u use windows xp cd it might delete ur data as well. Try and use partition magic or something. And be sure to be on battery backup or do it when ur sure that lights might not go out or else if lights go out during the partition making ur data is gone totally no recovery can get it back its too bad then.


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hey mohit ........... if all ur partitions are FAT...... then just get hold of a win98 bootdisk........ and use fdisk......... but using fdisk may lead to loss of data........ as an alternative u can use a partitioning software like partition magic..........


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What is your file system fat or ntfs?
And what changes do you want to make to the partition table?
If your partitions are fat then
the best way is booting from a dos startup disk.
Then run the dos version of partition magic
and you can create,delete,resize partitions without
loosing data.
I think the partition magic dos mode is freely available for download on the internet.
One important thing to do before tampering with the partition structure is to defrag all your partitions.
If you just want to delete/create partitions then simply use fdisk after booting through win9x startup disk.
Or if you are an advanced user then boot from any linux cd and use disk druid or fdisk.
Fdisk in linux is very powerfull but is recommended only for advance users.
mohit sharma

mohit sharma

well my file system is ntfs !! but i had data on all partitions too , but the data is such that it can b easily broken while partioning into groups !! i once tried using partition magic but i feared from it , it asks me to made a floppy disk from it !! plz. help ??


use partition magic ,its completely safe and reliable.
just resize the partitions the way u want it to be,and let it run ,yes it restarts in safe mode and changes the partition coz windows wont allow u to partition the active drive containing the OS .
depending on the changes and size of your hard disk,it might take time.just ensure there are no power failures coz any interruption while resizing will lead to loss of data.


ok... can any1 give me the steps to do this......

i have 40GB HDD which has 100 MB free in C Drive. HDD = C: NTFS. D:\E:\F: Fat32. i want to marge some free space to C: drive from ext'd. how do i do that with P/M?


Assuming that u need abt 1Gb more and d has that much of free space ,
1.create a partition between c and d of size 1Gb

2. this would be FAT32 by default since u are resizing a FAT32 partition .so convert it to NTFS.

3.Now merge this partition with ur existing C drive .

voila ! ur new C drive has 1Gb more


Use ranish partition manager.Google for download

I will tell how to resize with it later. :arrow: No time


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Is it NORMAL to Loose 16-17 GB HDD space in formatting & partitioning the HDD during OS installation process for a large HDD like a 250GB one?
My dealer says it b Normal as All OS installation eats up space during the partioning & formating proces in OS set up,& post installation,the space REALLY left on the HDD doesnot adds upto the pre installation & the TOTAL HDD space
Now is that logic correct for partitioning process eating up so much(16-17GB)space in my HDD?????

I am at total loss :( :( :( ???????
Ps: Used NTFS format in the 5 C,D,E,F & G drives


Be safe.Be sure.Use Partition Magic and u will never need anything else again.


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Hey its not safe to merge primary partitions(like the c partition) as it may loose its boot capability.So its better to completely delete the partition and create more space in it and then installing the os again!!!

Anyway if u are using partition magic then its completely explained in the help section.Please read before performing anything just to be on the safer side.


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TechGuru#1 said:
Any CLUE to my problemo?

Usually the manufacturers wil refer to 1 MB as a million bytes (or something like that) which is actually less than 1 MB calculated by your computer.So u will lose some memory anyway.I simply lost abt 4 gb in my 40 gb disk.So i think its normal.


yes it is quite normal,for a 250Gb drive ,u would be probably left with 233Gb rite ?
well the reason for this is
The manufacturers advertise the capacity assuming 1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes. While in reality, 1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes.
So for every 1000 bytes there's a 24bytes difference ,
similarly for every 1Gb = 1024 MB those 24 MB eats up the space and that creates a deviation of anywhere from a couple of MBs to GBs, depending on the overall capacity of the drive.
so thats no problemo :)
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