How to enable remote management on Optilink OP XONT 71110AC Modem (Excitel FTTH).


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How to enable Remote Management on Optilink OP XONT 71110AC Modem (Excitel FTTH).

I want to manage my Excitel modem 'Optilink OP XONT 71110AC' from outside my home network.

For that I first configured dynamic dns URL into the modem's settings. I used NO-IP to create and account and bind my public ip to the url in NO-IP portal. I saved all this info in my modem's Dynamic DNS settings section along with my NO-IP account username and password. But I was not able to acces my modems GUI from internet. I also tried entering port :8080 manually at the end of URL, but could not see the configration page of mode.

Then I simply entered 'mypublicip:8080' on my web browser of my mobile, which was on data connection. This is as simply as I can try to access my modem's web gui from outside network. This didn't work either.

I only reason I left with is if either this modem do not support remote management at all or remote managemet has not been enabled yet on this modem. I looked into modem setting and could not find any setting related to remote management.

Am I missing something here?


What you are missing is, you to have a static IP assigned to you with port forwarding enabled.

ISPs typically give you one public IP but this public IP is shared across any users, usually a locality. Thats why the outside IP:8080 port will not work.

Ask them for static IP and if your router port forwards 8080, it should start working. Then you can proceed with domain registration and others.

If your ISP supports IPV6, then it should work right out of the box, IPV6:8080 will work from any outside IPV6 network (Reliance Jio 4G for example)

There is a way to bypass ipv4 nat restriction using an external web server, called ssh tunnelling. I might write a guide on how to do this reliably in the future.
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