1. B

    How to enable remote management on Optilink OP XONT 71110AC Modem (Excitel FTTH).

    How to enable Remote Management on Optilink OP XONT 71110AC Modem (Excitel FTTH). I want to manage my Excitel modem 'Optilink OP XONT 71110AC' from outside my home network. For that I first configured dynamic dns URL into the modem's settings. I used NO-IP to create and account and bind my...
  2. D

    Check Your Excitel Usage !!!

    I am very keen to know my broadband usage . Excitel Broadband used to have this feature. But now we can only see the usage of multiple sessions and can calculate the monthly usage . So I decided to write a program to automate this First I decided to use DOM parser for the web page but Excitel...
  3. ExcitelOfficial

    Excitel Community Help

    Hi, I'm here to officially represent Excitel Broadband Pvt. Ltd., a growing ISP in Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad. We vehemently oppose the idea of a fair usage policy (FUP) and based completely on redundant fiber backbone we provide symmetrical connections (as opposed to the ADSL/DOCSIS connections...
  4. aal-ok

    How good is excitel

    I am thinking of getting an Internet connection through excitel, they are offering amazing deals. Just wanted to check how their service is, is there connection stable? I am living in shalimar bagh.
  5. StickySlime

    Excitel Broadband - Comprehensive Review - 5Mbps - SDSL - Unlimited - no FUP

    Hi. I'm here to put forward an honest and comprehensive review of Excitel's Broadband internet services provided in Delhi, India. Official Website: Excitel | Hom Pamphlet Screen-Shot: *i.imgur.com/FeKQU4g.jpg Stamped contact number on the pamphlet I received...
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