1. B

    How to enable remote management on Optilink OP XONT 71110AC Modem (Excitel FTTH).

    How to enable Remote Management on Optilink OP XONT 71110AC Modem (Excitel FTTH). I want to manage my Excitel modem 'Optilink OP XONT 71110AC' from outside my home network. For that I first configured dynamic dns URL into the modem's settings. I used NO-IP to create and account and bind my...
  2. S

    Jio Fiber FTTH

    Source: Reliance Jio Fiber FTTH 1Gbps broadband tariff plans to start at Rs 500: Report A speedtest posted by a Jio fiber user: 772433270126641153
  3. Charley

    Bangalore BSNL Broadband Tariff & FTTH

    Did BSNL increase tariff for Rs. 845 plan to Rs. 875 from 1.1.2016? I don't see it mentioned anywhere. How is BSNL FTTH compared to BSNL broadband? What is the setup process for FTTH?
  4. C

    MTNL Mumbai FTTH

    Hello peeps, I would just like to know.. Is anybody using MTNL FTTH unlimited plan.. How is it? Do you face any problems? I currently have MTNL 8mpbs plan.. refer to my another thread..
  5. swatkats

    Tata Docomo New Pan India 50Mbps Plans Make Some Sense for Internet Addicts

    Was checking Tata docomo broadband plans and i suddenly Stumbled up on this. There are two excellent FTTH lightning plans, Suited for Fanatics who are wishing to Spend over 3k for Fastest Internet Speeds on Par with ISP's like Beam. 50mbps with 200Gb FUP and 1mbps POST FUP speeds for...
  6. socrates

    MTNL Delhi Launches FTTH Unlimited Broadband Plans With 10 Mbps Speed

    MTNL Launches FTTH Unlimited Broadband Plans With 10 Mbps Speed The 590 UL plan looks interesting though the 5GB limit looks a tad less or maybe I am being greedy :D But it seems a good start. The same was also announced in April MTNL Mumbai launches 10 Gbps Broadband on FTTH for Mumbai but...
  7. R

    Bsnl ftth?

    hii guys, I want to know more about FTTH service which will soon be launched in my city. Is there anyone already using it? And what are the speeds, looks a promising technology for broadband, isn't it?
  8. M

    BSNL Intros Fibre To Home (FTTH) Services In Hyderabad

    In a bid to attract corporate and business customers towrdas its next generation telecom network, India’s National Telecom backbone and largest telecom service operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) launches Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) triple play services in Hyderabad Telecom District...
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