how to block streaming from net??wanna get even with brother...

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i want to block streaming of videos from sites like youtube in my can i do it.i don't want to block just youtube but all kind of streaming without letting my brother know that his favorite pastime has been do i do it

Choto Cheeta

If you are using Allways on Modem PPPoE connection, then you may log in to modem settinsg to bann those sites in its firewall to make sure no one is able to access...

or you may use browser setings, to bann the sites from Windows IE7,


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I just googled & found this

A hardware based system is going to go do what
you want it to go. You will have to get a program
like CyBlock, which includes "Streaming Media"
in the category list. CyBlock, while it is very
expensive ($799 per year for up to 10 machines),
it is the only solution that will do what you want.
The "Streaming Media" catergory will block
streaming audio you do not want on your
network. Just do that, and then configure your
firewall so that only outgoing calls to ports
80 and 443 are permitted, that will force
any media players installed to use the
HTTP-only option, forcing everything
through the filtering proxy. You will just
have to convince your boss to spend
the big bucks for a license, plus a Windows
based server (if you do not already have one).


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you could also ad the websites to your host file, (burry them in the middle somewhere) Choto Cheeta's idea is the easiest, but if your brother aint that dumb he might just go there and remove it. and about the firefox disable, when you log back onto youtube would it not again ask you to install the plugin? if your using a decent firewall could throw it in there as well and then put a password protection on it so he can't change settings....


Pee into the Wind...
i have comodo firewall.

i dun think choto cheeta's idea will work since he uses opera browser

Choto Cheeta

no one's idea will work as if ur bro knows a little computing :lol: every thing u would do, can be undid without much pain... :(
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