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How to add one more device under inverter


Cyborg Agent
I have a 600VA inverter. I am planning to include one more usual light point from the bathroom under inverter. This might overload but will ensure that it’s not fully loaded if ever need be.

I am not very familiar with the circuitry. It looks like there’s one 'Live' wire coming from back panel of inverter and seems that’s circulated along the house. If so will it be as simple as extending it inside the button panel to route it to the button that connects to bathroom light? The same button panel has tube light button that's already on inverter.

If anyone has any info or can direct me to any wiring diagram online etc, would be great. Thanks in advance.


Alakh Niranjan
imho, if you are not familiar with the circuitry, don't try it. ask an electrician to do it. i think he will charge you INR50 or less for this task.
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