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How Is Bajaj Discover 135??

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hi guys

how is bajaj discover 135 bajaj discover 135 users tell me what is the average u r getting and how is the bike performance


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My Friend has that bike. Engine is not smooth, Average is 40 to 50 kmpl.
Suggestion: Buy Honda Shine or Hero Honda Glamor in this class, Engine is smooth, Glamor's mileage is 65+, Shine's 50+.


dude mine s giving 50-55 kmpl in chennai at peak hours provided u shudn ride more than 50kmph... the engine s also smooth... it depends on ur driving... don let many ppl to ride ur bike till the first service... the pic up s very good...


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A bike with p150 performance but, commuter riding position. i didn't like the riding position. Buying D135 makes a statement that u r so broke that u can't afford P150.

cheap to maintain.
performance close to P150 can out run Honda unicorn.
50+ mileage
all black looks
rear Nitrox shock absorber, better than earlier SnS ones
240mm disc brake

doesn't give big bike feel
too light to throw around
non sporty riding position
only 4 gears, bike begs for 5th.

Honda shine and HH glamour lack performance big time. D112 beats these two.
Go for Honda or HH if mileage is the decideing factor.
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