How is AHP-1200 ahuja headphone for Monitoring ?


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Have anyone tried Ahuja headphones for Monitoring ? I have been told they are widely used in India for studio purposes ?
Let me know your experience about it. I am looking for Monitoring Headphone for Voice over purposes. For now I have HD 202 Headphones which obviously are not for monitoring.

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If you are a bass head then go with ahp 1800 or samson sr950. I am a basshead so i am going to buy the sr950. I did a lot of research and found it to be best as it has a 50 mm driver and frequency response from 10hz.
For info. Lower the frequency better the bass


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Audio technica provides professional monitoring headphones but I have never heard about these....


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Sennheiser HD 206 which retails near to 1k-1.4k is best for Monitoring and DJ work it has a well balanced config and Sennheiser is good for balanced HQ headphones.


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Why are headphone's price so unstable? This headphone has retailed for around 3k also and at 999rs also. Such wide gap is bad.
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