How future proof is AMD Radeon 6490m


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I've heard that that 6490 is only slightly better than intel HD3000, and you cant even make the most of games released in last 1-2 years

what are your comments??
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The HD 6290, coming with GDDR5 equipped memory in some of the HP Laptops can at least play the current demanding games with middle details at 1366X768 resolution. Fifa series, MAss Effect series, COD series can be played with lower or middle setting.
If gaming is the option then better look for GT 540 or HD 6650 equipped Laptops.


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HD 6490 is well faster than Intel HD 3000. It will manage to run games of last two years fine on mid-low settings on 720p.

GT 540M is 35% faster than HD 6490. For me, GT 540M is also not enough. HD 6770M is the minimum which is 40-50% faster than GT 540M according to my testing.

Regarding futureproofing? Laptops are never so.
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