HOw do you earn money online ?

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These days I am kind a obsessed about earning money online. Just wondering what are the options there are for earning some money online.

If I have missed your option please mention how you earn money on the interwebs!

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Earn money? I would not suggest you to Become a pirate and not to use link bucks to generate money and redeem them to your unverified paypal account. ;)
You will need to dedicate a lot of time online and make many accounts on many websites, mainly forums.
Or you can become an artist and sell your artwork on deviantart. You'll need to be very good for that.


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Please reframe your question so it is more contextual and does not divulge on irrelevant means.

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So that things remain clear, Gollum wasn't the one to bump this thread. It was some spammer. :)
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