How can I install themes in XP and ...........??????????

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Hi Guys,

Please tell me how 2 install themes in WIN XP Prof.

I want to install themes from the July 04 playware cd.

But I don't know how 2 do it.

Also whenever I insert digit or chip cd's in my cd-rom drive, they don't autoplay.

I have to manually start them. Previously this problem was not there and the cd's started automatically as soon as I inserted them.

Please help.

Thanks in advance,



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Try using Style XP for applying Windows XP themes. U can download this software from

For autoplaying the Digit CD's from ur computer first check that the Autoplay Function is not disabled in ur Windows XP system.
To locate that go to Start>Run>type gpedit.msc
Select "User Configuration" scroll down and select "System".
In the right side of the window pane u will se a policy
"Turn Off Autoplay" .Now Disable this Option by going to the properties of the Policy.
this setting should work for windows xp.


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Many Thanks.

But both my problems could not be solved.

1. Style Xp doesn't supports te build of XP which I have.

2. Regarding starting cd's automatically. I did what you had written.

But still the cd's don't run automatically.

Please help


hey hav u installed sp 2 if yes.. then by default i thnk sp2 denies active x contetnt to run from the cd rom.. check out internet properties > advanced.. at the bottom is the security option check appropriate boxes..

i hope ur problem is solved..
also search google for the patch which lets u add ur own themes in winxp

just type " themes patch for win xp "


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unzip ur themes in winxp/resources/themes and apply them from the display properties box :D


get the latest version of stylexp if u really want it
otherwise t_g is right u dun need additional software to install themes
just do it thru display properties
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