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How a person became internet famous for $68


How to become internet famous for $68 – Quartz

There’s just one thing about Santiago Swallow that you won’t easily find online: I made him up. Everything above is true. He really does have a Twitter feed with tens of thousands of followers, he really does have a Wikipedia biography, and he really does have an official web site. But he has never been to TED or South By South West and is not writing a book. I—or rather he—flat out lied about that. (Editor’s note: Santiago Swallow’s Twitter account was suspended after the publication of this piece.)

I personally love it when people take it up to themselves to beat the bots.


Cyborg Agent

i still cant believe the blue verified checkmark..

i know people who after reading this are ready to pay 2850 dollars to get more followers than BIG B
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