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To day 64th independence day is celebrated, and customary speeches delivered by the PM ,delivering a comic speech against craft.. elsewhere we remember our heroes of our independence..
but the real heroes of modern India has been usually forgotten by mass media. the whistle blower India is a rare bred of specie

Early whistleblower paid the price for his honesty and courage. Indian Institute of Technology alumnus Satyendra Dubey, a project director with the National Highways Authority of India, managed the Aurangabad-Barachatti section of National Highway 1, better known as the Grand Trunk Road. The highway was part of then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's Golden Quadrilateral Corridor Project. Dubey suspended three engineers for serious financial irregularities. He also had the contractor rebuild a six-kilometer stretch of highway. Dubey also observed that the firm contracted to construct the highway was subcontracting work to low-skilled agencies. His complaints to higher-ups yielded no response. When Dubey wrote directly to the Prime Minister he was reprimanded for the "impropriety" of his act but went on to secure a promotion and used his additional responsibility to expose more corruption in the project. As he returned from a wedding on the night of November 27, 2003, Dubey was shot dead. His murder sparked off a movement pressing for a whistleblower law to root out corruption.

Shanmugam Manjunath, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, was a marketing manager with the Indian Oil Corporation. He had ordered the closure of two petrol pumps in Uttar Pradesh's Lakhimpur Kheri for selling adulterated fuel.night Manjunath's body, riddled with bullets, was found in the back of his car, which was being driven by a worker of the petrol pump.

Timeline October

IN NAYAKANPETTAI, INDIA When police found Vaidyalingam Balasubramanyam's body dumped beside a road in this southern Indian village , his family said that telling the truth had cost him his life. The hand-loom weaver turned whistleblower had been fighting corruption in the local weavers' cooperative for the past three years.
Balasubramanyam had collected hundreds of official documents indicating that a single family held a monopoly over the cooperative management, according to Vel, who showed a reporter photocopies of the documents. The files also showed evidence of embezzlement.
"Due to heavy rainfall last year, the government sent compensation money to hand-loom weavers. But I did not get any of it, even though the records in the cooperative showed that all the weavers had been paid," said Sukha Lingam, 40, a weaver in Nayakanpettai. "The managers ate up all the money meant for the poor."
Balasubramanyan always carried with him a yellow cloth bag containing files he had accessed. The bag is now missing. The police registered a case of "suspicious death" after his killing and sent his body for examination. .

Time line January 2011
On a winter evening this January, Amarnath Pandey was returning home through a low-lit alley of a suburban town in India’s heartland state Uttar Pradesh when a motorcycle-riding gunman suddenly appeared and fired at him.

"The bullet luckily missed the target and grazed my ear. I felt the searing sensation in my ear and fell down," said 55-year-old Pandey who is back from hospital but is still in a state of shock.

It was his second brush with death. A week earlier, a lorry tried to run him over.

A local coterie of corrupt government officials apparently want Pandey dead. And all he did to anger them was file an Right to Information (RTI) application inquiring about the details of a local project in which huge sums of money were reportedly embezzled.

Apart from what newspapers reported , there are many cases of suspicious death in the case of RTI activities as well as whistle blowers.. they are the real Heroes of our independence because of their courageous unselfish nature made millions of Indians still believing they are living safe in the Democratic (although corrupted )

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Off topic, but best place: happy Independence day everyone!!
Not offtopic but on topic , actually, the post is written in remembrance of Independence day and its heroes...
Yes Happy Independence day everyone!


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Well, I hate the democracy which current government is working on, still.. I wish,
Happy Independence day.
May those thick-skinned ruling people, understand soon, that they can't just suppress this revolution, which Anna have started. I wish all the best for the Future of India.
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