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Guys i purchased a tp link td w8961nd from primeabgb as an updgrade over my old modem zxdsl -531b.Now the thing is when i use the tp link one the speed r way 2 slow like it takes too much time to load pages and with downloads :evil: and with the old one the page loading is pretty instantaneous so is this a setting problem if it is so then help me.My plan is bsnl 512kbps unlimited.


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Get it checked with customer care. Its nearly impossible to exactly figure out what changes you have done, leading to slow connection (if any). Chances are also your connection may be giving some problem, temporarily though.


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^ I use that exact router. It caused a few headaches the first few days with dc's and all. (Low snr and messed up line attenuation rates), but now its all good :)

Try rechecking your settings of the router once.
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