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I run a Domain Name Registration company. So you can understand how important domain names are for me.

I have to change the Nameservers of my client domains numerous number of times sometimes in a day.

But I am facing a typical problem in my business due to my ISP. It takes a lot of time for them to update their Name servers and many a time a site propogates after days and nameserver changes also reflect after a lot of time.

So I thought to overcome this I should install a local name server in my system. The Name server should be such that I can edit the values of cached dns. In this way the changes will be reflected then and there and I will overcome my problem.

But now the question is: does such type of nameserver exists?

If yes, please recommend the best one.

Does any other way exists to overcome my problem?


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I dont think so local name servers will help because in any ways you have to use ISP's name servers to get the net connection work...so local name servers also query ISP's name server for details and then cache records..

Best way is to check the site using proxy or run a query using dnsstuff.com

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