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  1. blackpearl

    Domain transfer doubts

    I want to transfer my domain from yahoo to godaddy. Now I have heard that a domain transfer can take upto sevearl days and even weeks to complete. Will my site remain unavailable during this period? I have heard that the site is available while the transfer process is going on. Only after the...
  2. R

    internet conection on suse. help

    Hi guys.i installed Suse 10.2 on my pc b4 some time ago nd then configured 2 wvdial nd resolve file but result is nothing. ISP Tata indicom 350 T Cable USB 2.0 wvdial [Dialer Defaults] Modem Type=USB modem Phone=#777 Dial Command=ATDT Init1=ATZ Init2=AT+CRM=1 FlowControl=Hardware (CRTSCTS)...
  3. Ricky

    Any one facing problem DNS resolution on BSNL DATAONE BB ?

    I am using BSNL dataone for more than a month and I noticed that their DNS server are slow and sometimes never works in first attempt, its now getting irrated so I thought to look for some solution, first one I tried was using an open public nameserver !! like .. and used as...
  4. V

    Linux not resolving ip address from /etc/hosts file

    Hello, I'm maintaining a network with Linux machines as servers. I have one machine as the DNS server, one as DHCP server. I need to poing my MSSQL server "sqlserver" to a private ip ( for all my clients. Since all my clients are assigned ip address through DHCP they all are...
  5. tuXian

    .:: Help Uegent : Local Name Servers ::.

    I run a Domain Name Registration company. So you can understand how important domain names are for me. I have to change the Nameservers of my client domains numerous number of times sometimes in a day. But I am facing a typical problem in my business due to my ISP. It takes a lot of time...
  6. B

    DNS problems

    I tried to sign up for a free domain with DNS. But I'm getting this error message ERROR: Nameserver ns1-rswalker.nswebhost.com is not authoritative for huntred.za.net ERROR: Nameserver ns2-rswalker.nswebhost.com is not authoritative for huntred.za.net what is the problem??
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