Help needed to gain weight


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I'm 24 (almost), and weigh 56 KG~, as am 5.9, I look pretty skinny for my height.

I job involves sitting for long hours, I don't workout or go to gym, do walk for about 30-40 mins a day.

I'm a vegan & don't smoke or drink, what should I eat/drink to gain weight?


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try milk(full cream) & milk products(paneer,butter etc).also remember that just increasing weight is not good in itself without some exercise.e.g.weight increase without exercise will only increase your belly size & waist.even doing 15-20min of exercise daily which you can do at home like pushups/stretching exercises etc will help.


Yes. there are 2 options for you-

1.You can gain weight by eating non-healthy food.

2. You can gain weight by muscles, I recommend it this way.

I belive you metabolism rate is high therefore you arent gaining any weight
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