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help needed on batman arkham asylum!

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well i i got batman arkham asylum game cd frm a frend it wozz pirated...i downloaded the game on my pc but it is showing "wrong disc inserted" wot shud i dooo>>???? plz help


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dude seriously this is not the place to discuss about these things.... also it is dirt cheap for 700bucks..... anyways the members at the thinkdigit forum are " CONVERTED SOULS " i.e. they believe in buying legal software as much as possible so the person who put effort into making it receives his fair share.


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Please say no to piracy. Even i used to use pirated softwares in the past. But now i believe in actually purchasing the softwares so that the programmers get their due share.


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but where would u get arkham asylum from from???????
dude suggest a good cheap place from where it can be bought?:-o


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Aditya said it correctly..just wait for few days and get a legit copy of PC games if u cannot or dont want to buy console one. The pc games hav become much cheaper nowadays and u can always buy ur copies by sharing money among ur friends.
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