help needed in building a high end pc

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I want help in building a pc( also tell me to change anything u feel)

processor- intel core 2 duo 2.66ghz E 6750- Rs.8000

ram - 2*1 gb zion ddr2 800mhz-2400*2=4800

hard disk- seagate 400gb sata- 4700

graphic card-- 256 mb asus EN 8600GT-7200(please tell me this card has tv output or not)

lcd monitor-- 19 inch wide screen LG -10000

please refer me a mother board with all the new features ( upto Rs. 12000)

1 should also support core 2 quad
2 fsb support 1333Mhz
3 Ram support- ddr3(1333 )
4 sata,raid,sli,hd audio,ethernet onboard,firewire etc
and also tell me other features

few of my choices are-
1 msi P35 platinum
2 msi 935 neo
3 intel DG975 XBX2
4 msi P6N SLI platinum D3
5 Msi K9N SLI Platinum
6 gigabyte -Ga-G33m-D52R

Please tell me oter options available and also evalute these mother boards with refference to features and price.

and also tell me should I wait for sometime as intel next line processors are due shortly?

I want every one of u to help me

You can also tell me other configurations for pc.
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