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help me my pc is infected

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hey guys,
i just downloaded one crack from net, after running that application my comp got infected.
internet explorer shows me this massege

Detected SPYware! System error #384

Your IP address is Using this address a remote computer has gained anaccess to your computer and probably is collecting the information about the sites you've visited and the files contained in the folder Temporary Internet Files. Attention! Ask for help or install the software for deleting secret information about the sites you visited.


Your computer is full of evidences!

ISP of transmission: 35
Your IP address:
They know you're using: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)
Your computer is:
Risk status for further investigation: VERY HIGH RISK

To protect from the Spyware - click here
To prevent information transmission - click here
To delete the history of your activity, click here

please help me out what should i do??????
i'm running my antivirus and i already run Adware.



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forgot to tell u one thing
i'm getting 2 red color round with cross in that as a tray icon. and internet explorer is in blue color


sun a spyware test using microsoft antispyware and spybot. also if necessary a trojan test using trojan remover or any other freeware. if not satisfied post your hijack this. unless its done, nothing can be sorted out.



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My personal advice, do not click on any of the link that is shown as the error related. It may just be a way of infecting your system with greater spam.

Also, whenever downloading such files, always ensure to set your Download Manager to check these files automatically on finishing download by your AV program so that you dont have to do it everytime.


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ur comp got infected with a virus. my comp got the same message. run a full system scan of viruses for ur pc and ran any anti-Spyware program

Sreekanth V

You must use some more antyspyware tools other than Ad Aware. Spybot SnD, Microsoft anty spy, along with Webroot Spysweeper is a good combination. When it comes spyware one guard is not enough.


Download HijackThis and unzip it to dedicated folder (like C:\HijackThisFolder\hijackthis.exe).
Then run it and click the button Do a System scan and save log file. HijackThis will perform a scan and saves the log file as hijackthis.log in the same folder where it is installed and it also opens the file automatically.
Copy the entire contents of the file and post it here.


hi there.dont worry your pc is not infected or anything.the same thing had happened to me and i spent da whole day scanning my pc by all da spyware scanners i cud get my hands on.no trojan,spyware or anything.this,i think is just a new kind of popup so that u getup and take notice.
so dont worry.
notice da
To protect from the Spyware - click here
To prevent information transmission - click here
To delete the history of your activity, click here
i think this is just another popup add. :)


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I think its a popup ad....

When I was newbie I got loads and they mad me feel very unsecure but now I know that they are ads .

nEVER Download stuff from untrusted sites.
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