1. G

    Need 1.5 ton ac : Confused between inverter or non inverter?

    Hello, to all of you. How are you? I need three 1.5 TON Ac's, I am confused between Inverter or Non-Inverter, actually I visited the market they told me the difference between the Gas used in both the Ac's and they recommend me go for Inverter acs telling that the gas used in...
  2. rohitshakti2

    Want to buy AC for house in Delhi, top floor with direct sun light

    I want to purchase a AC out of Mistabishi or Daikin or Panasonic for my drawing room size 180 sq.ft on whose roof there is direct sun light but I will be using the AC in night only. The only problem is the big drainage (nala) flowing near my house i.e. nearly 300m from my home due to which there...
  3. N

    Help needed in buying Air Conditioners

    Hi, I need to buy 3 Acs 1) 1 1.5 ton ac (budget under 45K, room size is around 13x14) 2) and 2 1 ton acs (budget under 65K, room size is around 10x11) I am a total noob in the AC market so have as good as no knowledge. Would prefer the inverter models. I stay in Mumbai. Thanks.
  4. A

    Window Inverter AC

    Hi Friends My OLD (10 yrs) LG AC had a GAS leakage in 2 years (GAS was last filled in 2012). Called LG their mechanic came and took the AC while inspecting they said compressor has also gone bad and gave a repair estimate of 14K. We are planning to get the Gas filled from a local shop and...
  5. gohan89

    Help me choose 5 star Window AC...

    I would like to buy a 1.5 ton window AC for my bedroom.I would like a 5 Star AC. I have come down to Hitachi's Summer QC and the LG L-CRESCENT PLUS. I am very impressed with the features of the Hitachi, but read on the net that Hitachi serice is very poor and they hassle customers.There is...
  6. kARTechnology

    Volatge Stabilizer vs Surge Protector vs UPS. What to buy?

    I have a sony BX300 30" LCD TV and Pioneer VSX-916 AV Receiver and a custom made Powered Subwoofer(just a duplicate design of Pioneer Sub), Airtel HD, will soon get HTPC Now what should I buy? a Volatge Stabilizer or Surge Protector or UPS I have some slight up's and down's in voltages...
  7. S

    are hitachi ACs worth the extra money?

    hi everyone. i'm planning to buy a window AC (1.5 Ton) for my house. i have been told by some of my neighbours and friends that hitachi ACs are very good. is it true? moreover, is it worth the extra money, compared to samsung/lg ? also, if someone could suggest some models, it would be very helpful.
  8. M

    Need help - Buying an Inverter

    Folks Gonna buy an inverter+battery setup. Should run preferably everything in the house (all fans, lights, TVs, ACs, computer, kitchen hardware etc) [Do suggest if it is not advisable to run certain gadgets on inverter]. Powercuts in our area generally are an hour long (at times two, three...
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