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Help in Buyin a DIGICAM....

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heys guys i need ur help n suggestions in buyin a new digital camera...
i hav gone thru a few forums n read abt a few thngs..
well i wana knw al details too like wat is the flash rate n so on ...
budget is til 15k bt tat includes buyin the 1GB stick too ..
thxx in advance!!


In the zone
sincere advice to u ..dont go after mega pixels ..coz we hardly take out larger prints ... look after the other functions of cameras like battery life,zoom,lens,flash,etc ... i have sony p200 bought a year ago .....still giving ultimate results ... but have some drawbacks like mem stick is costly , records normal video at 25 fps , flash is less effective as it was expected by me.. ultimate cam for close up still , distant images sucks...


Broken In
if u cud increase ur budget by 3k go for Casio Ex Z600. best in battery life(they say 500 shots per charge. i got 528 ) not bad in image and video quality(30 fps)


Living to Succeed
when buying a camera... i usually like to have 2 things .... one is OPTICAL ZOOM... and then MEGAPIXEL...

battery i can but a spare one but will never compromise for quality... my call... go for Nikon L5... with 5X optical zoom and 6MP... the only thing is i don;t know the price... my friend get that for 11k with 1 gb memory at 11k without bill... i personally have a Nikon P1 with 8MP and 3.2 Optical zoom and 2 batteries... i love that
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