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  1. S

    [Complaint] Tag(Technology and Gadget) Mumbai horrible RMA for XFX

    My XFX r9 280x was given for RMA after it stopped working. After almost 2 months of waiting they told me they cant replace or repair it, instead they gave me a 7950 which obviously is a downgrade from r9 280x. I'd suggest everyone to think twice before buying a XFX product because the RMA is...
  2. S

    Phone under 9k.

    An uncle of mine needs a phone under 9k. No specific uses. Would be using basic apps like whatsapp, fb messenger, mild gaming (playing the horrible game candy crush)etc etc. What I have in mind is Lenovo A7000 or Redmi 2S. Anyother suggestions??
  3. C

    Help choosing an ISP

    I've been using BSNL for many years. It has been good for browsing. Speed is satisfactory according to the plan, however it sucks sometimes. It has always been horrible for online gaming - awful pings. Lately it has been torturing a lot. I don't have many cable-net ISPs in my city. A few which...
  4. A

    Laptop for 60k but very skewed options!(and dramatic too)

    Hi all I want to buy laptop for 60k in Delhi. I'm in college and the problem is that it is a very dusty place.I have seen Alienware m17x,Sony(some E series and C series) and Acer laptops heat up(Avg temp 110,92,120 resp. in Celsius). The horrible lot is yet to come 1.HP dv6...something...i7...
  5. R

    Help-Psu fan makes horrible noise

    My generic ordinary mercury Psu fan makes horrible noise :( but the noise stops after few minutes :smile: i opened the psu and cleaned the fan but still it is making horrible noise :( what it could be the cause of the problem ??? can i change the fan?? can i change the fan myself or shoud...
  6. praka123

    Tiger Attack, not for the faint of heart

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7RqkPy0lBQ It is really horrible to see the guy experiencing the attack :-|
  7. iMav

    Vista Voice Recognition

    http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/video-perl-scripting-with-vista-s-speech-recognition take a look at the vdo ... i dont need to say nething PS: all voice recognition softwares are the same iv tried a paid 1 also it was a horrible experience ...
  8. S

    A good phone upto 8000

    As simple as it can be >> I wanna buy a good phone with Rs 8000/- to F**K I already own a sony J200i and man does it s**k. The lag while typing an SMS is horrible and it doesn't have a manual network selection option. The chaging takes ages and doesn't work sometimes either. I think the battery...
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