1. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] AverMedia AverTV Go

    * Product Name: AverMedia AverTV Go Internal TV Tuner Card * Expected Price: Rs. 600 shipped. * Date of purchase: late 2011. * Reason for Sale: Ulying unused. * Product Condition: Never used. * Accessories Included: cd, remote, original box. * Product Location: Thane/Mumbai, Maharashtra...
  2. josin

    Some questions about Avermedia Live Gamer Portable C875

    I am in need of a portable caputre card for laptop like Avermedia Live Gamer Portable C875. So any one owns this thing? Can I record the out put (mpeg 4) of a DTH st top box's full HD content using this one?
  3. GhorMaanas

    (Unused) AverMedia AverTV Super 009 Internal TV Tuner Card

    1. Product on sale: AverMedia AverTV Super 009 2. Price: Rs. 900 shipped. 3. Reason for sale: Not being used. 4. Product condition: 10/10 (never used). 5. Warranty: Expired last month; will give 2 days' testing-warranty. 6. Location of product/seller: Thane/Mumbai. 7. Preferred courier...
  4. ankush28

    TV tuner for 1.5k

    hey guys my cofiguration not in siggy new one.... Asus p8b75-m lx, Dell IN2030M, Reliance digital tv standard set top box (not hd) and I want one TV tuner card for 1.5k max no recording capturing needed just want to watch tv with good clearity, coz currently using 14" videocon DABBA 12year old...
  5. H

    Avermedia Capturing card

    Hello all, I know its only a single component thread but i am bit confused from where to buy it :-? I want to buy Avermedia DarkCrystal HD Capture Pro (C027) card but its not available in local market where i live and i checked Flipkart there the card is out of stock. So can anyone suggest me...
  6. T

    [For Sale] Avermedia Game Capture HD C281 Recorder - 10/10 Condition - 1 Month Old

    For Sale ! - Avermedia Game Capture HD c281 recorder It records from xbox, ps3 and wii or any other device with component output. Works without need of a pc - records strainght to pen drive or external hard drive. Can also add internal drive in it Records dth also - tata sky and others which...
  7. happy17292

    [For Sale] AverMedia AverTV Super 009 Internal TV Tuner

    Its Sold
  8. curioustechy

    usb hd tv tuner - best

    hi guys, i've cornered myself to this one "AverMedia AVerTV HYBRID VOLAR HX TV Tuner Card" AverMedia AVerTV HYBRID VOLAR HX TV Tuner Card | Tv Tuner Card | Flipkart.com can anybody suggest another one with same specs but lesser price...(only usb type and hd recording is must)
  9. Skyh3ck

    AverMedia Aver TV Super 009 in Warranty for Sale

    Closed Model number and details: AVerMedia Aver TV Super 009 TV Tuner card with all acessories and Invoice from Prime ABGB Features: WMC video gaming plug-in Recording Videos in MPEG-1/2/4 * & H.264 Format 16-Channel preview Stereo sound Teletext Multi-user setting...
  10. Jaxx89

    HELP: Avermedia are thieves

    1.) I order Avermedia AverTV Satellite Trinity A707 from Tirupati enterprise(Avermedia Auth Distributors in India). Promised to get it in a month. 2.) No response to whether my order is processed an I will be getting it even after 2 months. Tirupati decides to stop responding completely 3.) I...
  11. ashfahan

    Avermedia tv tuner on DG31PR

    HI I am using Following config CPU Core 2 duo e6555 2.33 ghz 1333 fsb MB Intel DG31PR RAm 2 GB ddr2 GFX Invidia GF 8500 512 mb Monitor LG studioworks 700e HDD Samsung SATA 250 Gb Sansung SATA 750 Gb My problem...
  12. M

    msi rs480 -help

    Hi! Ihave recently assembeld a Pc using RS480M2-IL motherboard and AMD64 processor.Iam using WIN XP Prof.I have seen a composite TV out port in My board,iam not able to enable it.Can somebody help me.Also I have AverMedia TC300 Web Cam-USB ,but no driver,is there a place i can locat...
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