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I am particularly new in this forum. I am trying to assemble a pc. Not the whole pc but sme components. need sme serious help as i am totally out of touch. basic purpose is gaming.

Products that i Have and will keep them on my new system also:
1) Seagate HDD 500 gb
2) Creative sound blaster audigy 7.1 sound card.
3) Razer Deathadder Mouse
4) Razer Mantis Control Mouse Pad
5) Altec Lansing speakers
6) Steerseries siberia v2 headphones
7) APC UPS 600VA
8) Samsung SyncMaster B2030 20.5" widescreen LCD

Products that i need:
1) Cabinet
2) Mobo+Processor
3) PSU
4) RAM
5) DVD writer
6) GFx Card
7) Anything else that is necessary(or i have forgot to mention)

Budget is a little tight, around 25000 give or take 2-3 thousand.
I am open to both intel and amd. In case of gfx though i would prefer ATI series as its more reasonably priced and gives quite a good performance..

Please help me out on this


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already replied in Basic Guide Purchase a New System. Mods can close the thread. 2 threads by same name running will only add to confusion.
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