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Wise Old Owl
today i got my hellgate london (original).installed it.
the intro video tells everything--its a low resolution video with poooooooor sound.
now the game--
really poor (yeah i mean it) character modelling - even those in my phone games are better.i ran it at 1400*900 with everything set to maximum.
average gameplay--there's no map

i'll post screenies if you want but for that i need to reinstall it.

i dont understand why gamespot has a score of 8.5?
first pro street and now this piece of ****.i'm never buying an EA game again till i test it.

btw has anyone else played it?

Third Eye

gooby pls
I played the demo and yeah the gameplay is average. Boring quests and decent graphics.

And Gamespot has given Hellgate London 7.0 rating not 8.5.


A LOTR fan
hey its supposed to be diablo clone game . . i dont know , i have not played it . but if you like diablo , you are bound to like it . . its from the same developers :). . rpgs dont boast fps style graphics . its not that what you look in rpg , i still play diablo 2 and LOD . might check out hellgate when i get time . till then i wont comment . by the way dont just buy a game when the review says 9 or 10 . buy it according to your taste .:)


The Demun
well i got mine yesterday and it simply rox
wats ur pc config
wats ur ram?
though i did find the loading screens take longer to come on with a 1 gb ram.
the graphics and texturing is quite gud.
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