HDD leds stopped working

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last week i installed the dvd burner in the secondary ide with the jumper set to master, now the red hdd leds show up only for 2 or 3 secs in the start up.
before i used to have a cd-rom connected to the primary ide, the hdd leds worked fine. how can i get the leds to work again? i don't think they are dead becos when i use the cdrom they seem to be glowing. i want to see them glowing when i use my dvd burner. is that possible? i know its a silly thing but still want to know abt it.


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Just check with the connections again. You just might have accidently bumped off the connection. As long as you know that the HD is working fine, I don't think so you should be really concerned. My friend has the same problem, but he works with it without any hinderance.

Hope this helps.


1)check the led wire on the motherboard , tighten it .
2)try connecting yr dvdwriter to the primary ide and harddisk only ,
and what is the jumper setting of the hdd.
use jumpersetting carefully as they can damage the harddisk.
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