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  1. kumarn_2004

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    Dear Sir, Date: 15-01-05

    I have a regular habit of taking up notes from the books I read. Since it takes a lot of time to write up the notes in a notebook with a pen, it is very very difficult for me to do so. I have a Computer at home. Is there any way or any Hardware (attachment) that can be used to copy the words or lines or passages that I need them on the Computer whenever I just place the attachment over the words or lines or passages so that I may edit or take a print of them very easily?

    Is there any cheaper one available in the market, Sir? Your advice, Please. Sir. If so, please arrange to send me complete details of its seller address.

    If you have no idea of the above-mentioned, kindly arrange to forward this e-mail message to any Company or Distributor or seller concerned so that they may come forward to help me in this regard.

    I am sure that you will help me in this matter.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

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    May 5, 2004
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    off to "never ever" land
    why are u posting the same thing under the name "hardware" and "software"
    heres the link to the other thread

    also u dun need to start off ur msgs with "sir" and provide the date ;)
    u can just post ur msg
    we're all here to help
    plz check the running thread ur answers are there
    u need to get a scanner first of all so that u can get all ur notes on the computer
    or u can type them in manually as a text file /document
    when u use a scanner all those will be IMAGES ...
    and u can print them directly as images ...
    if u WANT to convert them to TEXT for editing u will need OCR ( optical Character Recognition software) which is also mentioned int he other post

    but this will work with very low efficiency on written handwriting
    PLZ stop making repeat posts !!
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