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hardware-where to buy in kolkata?

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Where can i buy these devices in Kolkata?List based on preference.tell me if something is unavailable.

CPU coolers

1.Thermalright TRUE Black 120
2.Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme
3.Cooler Master V8

VGA Coolers

1.Thermalright HR-03 GT
2.Thermalright T-Rad2


1.OCZ Platinum Enhanced Bandwidth 2X2GB RAM(Part No_OCZ2P800EB4GK)
2.Corsair XMS2 2X2GB DHX RAM TWIN2X496-6400C4DHX
3.Corsair Dominator TWIN2X4096-8500C5D
4.OCZ ReaperX 2X2GB (Part No_OCZ2RPX800EB4GK)

RAM Cooler

1.OCZ XTC RAM Cooler
2.Corsair CMX-AF1

Thermal Paste

1.Arctic Cooling MX-2
2.Arctic Silver 5

Also, where can I buy Isopropyl Alcohol?


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For Cooler Master Products :
M.D Computers 16/1, GC Avenue

For OCZ & Corsair Products :
Tirupati Enterprises. 11, Robert Street, 1st Floor


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Also, where can I buy Isopropyl Alcohol?

you might try out the chemist or chemical retailer for industries

indianyellowpages said:
KUNJAL SYNERGIES PRIVATE LIMITED - India Merchants/Traders of isopropyl alcohol, carbon black feed stock, acetone, triethylene glycol, methyl isobutyl ketone, diacetone alcohol, mono ethylene glycol, industrial chemical, diethylene glycol, soda ash light, linear alkyl benzene, benzene, heavy alkylate
Address: 15D Everest House, 46C J.L.Nehru Road, Kolkata, West Bengal India
Phone(s) : 91-33-22881217/44881217 Mobile : +919339456679/9432323251 Fax(s) : 91-33-22881223

i dont own the above company and neither do i have any association or relation to them :rolleyes:
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