Harddisk prices ???


i want to buy a 2TB hard-disk, but just then i found out that the prices are of HardDisks are sky Rocket High these days.
From past 1-1.5 months.

So does anyone Know when the prices of these HardDisks will go down to normal or even lower then that ????
anyTime sooner ??
like in 15-20 days or so ?

500GB HardDisks which were 1800 are now 5000
1TB HardDisks which were 4500 are 10000

So pls guyz flow in your comments ?


currently the prices are
500GB - around 3500/-
1TB - around 5000/-

Not sure but shop owners here in hyderabad are telling that prices will start coming down from January.
If you want to buy that HDD for backup purpose only then you can get 2TB External HDD (3.5") for around 5200/- (I saw some one buying Seagate GoFlex Desk for 5200/- last week)
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