1. V

    gaming cpu for 15000 amd

    Can you please suggest me a gaming amd cpu for 15000 mainly for hd video playback to hook to my 40 sony bravia and gaming I need 500gb hard disk cabonet kb and mouse hdtv and 2 one gb ddr2ram and I prefer to run windows 8please help my older computer with amd athlon 64x2 and gigabyte m61pmes2...
  2. dharmil007

    Harddisk prices ???

    i want to buy a 2TB hard-disk, but just then i found out that the prices are of HardDisks are sky Rocket High these days. From past 1-1.5 months. So does anyone Know when the prices of these HardDisks will go down to normal or even lower then that ???? anyTime sooner ?? like in 15-20 days or so...
  3. Scott274

    Buying WD HardDisk - Advise needed.

    Yesterday I went to buy a 160 GB IDE Western Digital Harddisk (internal) in lamington road mumbai (Mccann Infosys). They didn't have any stock at that time so I will be buying on monday instead. My query here is, don't WD internal harddisks come in any original company box cover (with internal...
  4. R

    harddisk casing

    hi friends, what is the current price of Seagate hardisk of 250 GB.(SATA) Is it possible to make a casing of SATA harddisks, if yes, what would be its cost. Again which casing is recommended - SATA or IDE based harddisks. Note : - After casing the hard disk would be connected to laptop...
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