Hey everybody!
Apparently, my hard-disk is damaged and has to be repaired or replaced, as it is allowing any new OS to be installed on either the empty and formatted C, E drives, and is making a whirring sound. I've some important data on my D drive, which needs to be salvaged at any costs(Movies n my pics! ).
Now, I've a 1 TB Western Digital external hard-disk, which was a 'WD Unlocker' in it(i.e.password protector). For salvaging, I'm using a virtual OS on a CD, which can copy those files I need to my WD. But since it is a virtual OS, it cannot open the WD Unlocker software in order to open and use my WD. Thus, I'm about to lose 150 GB of hard-earned and collected, assorted Movies( right now, I'm salvaging the photos by a 8GB pendrive, which in itself is a painful process.
Please help!
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