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Hacker Halted Conference-2010

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Hacker Halted Conference-2010

Schedule: Hacker Halted Conference-2010, October 9-15th 2010, Miami Florida.

Hacker Halted is the premier information security conference of its kind in the world. Hacker Halted has one simple purpose, to address the threat of black hat hacking by equipping the white hats with the hacking techniques, tools and social engineering skills of a black hat.

Hacker Halted Academy Explained:
Hacker Halted Academy is the premier live-training solution for the discerning IT Security professional. It is divided into 3 separate categories, namely:

1. Live Class by EC-Council
2. Deep Dive
3. Partner Class

To know more information visit this link: http://www.hackerhalted.com[FONT=&quot][/FONT]


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
good to know. but i do not think anyone from the forum will be attending that as most of us reside in India (unless someone is travelling to Miami during that time).


Will check with my friend, he is Security Auditor for LSI and his company might send a delegation there. Will see if he gets a chance to go there. ;)
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