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Guys help me buying a new phone... plz...

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Wise Old Owl
Guys i want a new phone for 5-6k max is 6k

requirements :

- 3.5mm jack
- big screen like 2-3inches
- no need for camera
- good battery life and call quality

factors that dont matter that much but i would appreciate if the phone has them :

- qwerty key pad
- powerful phone hardware
- good UI like symbian
- Good Web browser
- 3G / wifi

can you please suggest some good phones for this much and where to buy them in delhi ? .. thanks


Broken In
or try x3...since u dont care for the camera x3 is more stylish than x2 and has everythin dat x2 has..

and i dont think der are ne mobiles dis low cost wid qwerty
if u can make ur price 8k den der is corby plus


Wise Old Owl
guys the x2 is not available yet in india.... and the x3 is retailing for around 7k... thats way out of my budget..... should i wait some more time ? and then try for the x3 ?


Grand Master
How abt SE Naite...but no 3.5mm jack there

If not X2 then go for tried and tested 5130+good headset

yaah X3 is good too...with all u want...but costlier then ur budget
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