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man this games rocks.....i have left every thing today and just wandering around the city in gta sa and man this game is too cool.....and is a must for every game freak out there.


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i will post some more shortly
i have mant to post


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Just got the game and have only one thing to sya ... IT ROCKS .... now i have a game i can play for a long time ... and the pc version a lot better than the ps2 ver ...


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Can someone tell me if anyone has tried or seen the game run on a lower end system, one with no gfx card and 256 RAM?


today i tested this game on my system with sli mode.(check my signature for the benchmarking system)
i m using forceware 77.50 beta and this driver is latest but doesnt support gta san andreas in sli i tried every profile and just everything including split frame rendring.alternate frame rendering and AFR2.
the cards in sli system gives a framerate of average 49 fps in 1024x768 high quality texture(max is very high).
it shocked me with such low fps.
tomm i will test with single GPU mode.....and will post here.
even in 600x468 (low quality) gave me around 60-64 fps.
as i have read about the gpu performance in gta san....and came to know that this game require a powerhouse to run smoothly.

i also test it with a low end system which is
amd sempron 2400+
gigabyte nforce 2 mobo
512 mb 333fsb ram(single channal)
gigabyte fx 5200 gpx card

and it just killed the whole system at 1024x678 high quality
and never gone beyond 4fps
and at 600x468 it gave about 13 fps
so i dont think its playable at this system.
which is quite decent.

also check this link for further this game is a killing benchmark tool.
but like halo it is also not utilising the gpu power fully and is meant for just killing the whole system.
unlike doom3 where even a low end system at lowest settings shows realistic graphics....where as this game at lowest settings seems like old half life.this game is meant to be played at higher resolutions and high settings for a realistic look(but even at that point it doest look much better then vice city).just a slight diff.
any way check this link and see how cards like x850xt pe dies at mere 1024x678 max quality without AA.they never go beyond 60 fps.....


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i think the game needs atleast 1 GB ram to play like PS2 in 1024X768 reso
because my 512 ram machine does not give out more than 20 FPS

man this is disappointing cause i was waiting for the game eagerly


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hey will i played it (didnt buy it tho ; )
i am in U.S.A so the relese was on 9th june

vmp_vivek said:
i think the game needs atleast 1 GB ram to play like PS2 in 1024X768 reso
because my 512 ram machine does not give out more than 20 FPS

man this is disappointing cause i was waiting for the game eagerly
Well i Have 512 SDRAM But you Serisly need a good Graphic card like i got a 250$ gforce card which gives me a prity good graphic but it does work with a normal one and it dosent have anything to do with the res it adjusts it with the normal settings to give you the best proformence and ya it is serisly not for the young once.


this game doesnt require min 1gb ram but require a good solid graphic card....recomended is geforce 6 series excluding 6200.official reccomended system req also sugesst a 6 series nvidia graphic adapter.
what a mess!!!!!!!!!!!
my friend who is doin mca from the same college and same class...was intrested in playing this gta sa.but he wasnt having any computer and ps2.
i told him that this game needs atleat a 50k run smoothly at lowest res too.and he told me that he wuld surely get LATEST computer and will surely enjoy this game.he is a harcore intel fan(its not because of performance but because intel is the only thing he knows....i told him to get a good intel setup if he really wants to....and i tried to help him to get the best possible system....but he trusted his dealer more then me).
he thought the dealer knows better then me...coz he has experience in selling.LOL
he went to a dealer and ordered him a LATEST setup.the dealer suggested him-
intel 2.4 with HT(pentium 4)
intel ORIGINAL 845 gvsr
128 mb ddr 266 fsb
17inch crt flat moniter
40 gb hdd 5400 rpm
samsung cd writer
4.1 intex speakers(lol the mobo supports only 2.1)
and dealer never told him to get a 4.1 soundcard
and everything latest.

he went to a few more dealers here in chandigarh...
and everybody suggested him almost same LATEST config.

and he now came to me to get some advice to buy it or not.
man i just told him to kick the whole idea of this latest system asked him to get atleast intel 865 from asus or gigabyte.and a 80 gb hdd coz the price diff is only 200-300 rs.and atleast a sony cd writer and dvd rom or atleat a combo drive with atleast 512 mb dual ch memory.
and a good agp card atleast a vanila 6800 or 6600gt.
he was having a budget of rs 50000.

now he again went to his dealer and told him to get what i told him.
the dealer told him that whjat will u do of 80 gb hdd.i bet u cant even fill up 40 gb space.i will give u a free 80gb if u fill this 40gb hdd.also he told him that 80 gb disks are slower.LOL
about the 512 mb ram he told my frnd that 128 mb is more then sufficient.

and about the soundcard.....he told him that if this mobo only supports 2.1 then go for a 2.1 intex speaker system.i dont know why he was sticking to this 845 original intel mobo.LOL

about the cd writer he told him that samsung is best and no need for DVD rom coz its not in trend right now.

and about the god damm graphic card the dealer told him that this mobo has opriginal intigrated intel graphic accelerater...which is the best.

as i have told u guys my friend trusted the dealer then me and got a super latest pc for only rs 26000 with a logitech webcam(free from dealer) and a printer.he was very happy as he got a FREE webcam....
though he dont have internet acces at home.and is having a sony camcorder for movie purposes.
he came to me to get the san andreas dvd and my dvd writer yesterday....
since then he hasent called me.....may be he is quite busy playing GTA SAN ANDREAS.
what a waste of resources......he wuld have got a tripple performing setup in that ammount.

i will post u guys with the rest of story when he will call me and tell me how many missions he has completed. : :lol:


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what the hell ... i haven't chcked the fps but i do ge more than just smooth gameplay .. here are the settings i'm currently using
1280x1024,2x aa,all other settings maxed out .. frame limiter on ....


while frame limiter is on u will only get 25 fps max.
and a smooth gameplay is known as around 60fps and more.
and man acc to ur system info i can bet u wont be getting better then 20 fps at the mode u told here


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with frame limiter on ... i'm always getting 25 fps ..
with it off .... over 35 always ...i'm currently on the 76.44 drivers ....

PS : Frame limter = vsync ????


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I think 30 fps is enough for smooth gameplay .. i dont mean 30 fps on avg. but the least should be 30 fps ....60 fps is more than smooth ...


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smooth game play normally vzaries with game

to play ut 04 gud,you may want 70-80fps or higher for nfs u2 you may take 20>fps


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Yeah yeah, rub it in! :( I will have to trduge daily to my friends place to play this game...or maybe I just can steal the system! Now that's neat!


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Actually I was not telling it, I was just speculating it. Given the fact that it's based on the old GTA3 engine, I was hoping that the system requirements wont so shocking as one for Doom3.

What I failed to realise that while the game engine has essentialy remained the same, the game data has multiplied manyfolds. While earlier the game had to load a city, now it has to load a whole state! Naturally the game requirements leave a very sad gamer here. :(
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