1. saikiasunny

    Suggestions and Language for a new Youtube Channel

    Hello, Guys! I want to know your opinions on this. Would you prefer a new Indian PC-centric tech channel in Hindi or English? Why do you think one is a better choice over the other? And what kind of content would you like? I am thinking of starting a PC technology channel, focusing especially...
  2. meetdilip

    TubeMate, is it safe

    I have avoided installing TubeMate on my phone since it is not from Play Store. Wondering how safe it is. Any ideas ?
  3. Faun

    Horror game ideas

    Lets gather up some ideas about horror elements necessary in a game. Here are the constraints. 1. The area is enclosed. Like a square walkway in a building. 2. Not open world. 3. Avoid the jump scares. 4. There are no other human NPCs. Monsters are allowed. Here are my suggestions: 1. A...
  4. K

    Need Indian IP..Help !!

    I am currently out of India and I do really need Indian IP address to complete few online tasks. I am currently using Hide IP Easy (pirated version ofc :( ). But this one is too freaking sloww. Any ideas will be appreciated. VPNs??
  5. T

    Introduction Post

    Hello Everyone, I am a new user to this forum i am looking forward to post some valuable thoughts and ideas about laptops and notebooks.. thanks
  6. KiLL

    Where can i get imported iphones in Kolkata?

    Hi people, Do you know where can i get iphone 5/5S imported in kolkata? I mean those without bills and any ideas of prices?
  7. A

    RIP Worldspace

    Really miss my beloved worldspace.was one of the first customers-still have the equipment with me-any ideas if it will ever make a comeback:oops:
  8. anmolksharma

    Android app making - need ideas!

    I Need to take part in an android app making competition. Any innovative app ideas which are still not on playstore?
  9. cute.bandar

    Chrome extension ideas needed

    I am kind of bored and thinking of programming a chrome/firefox extension. But am out of ideas . Does anyone have a good one ? Thanks
  10. TheHumanBot

    [HELP] MCA Final Year Project .NET Platform | Need Ideas/Suggestions

    Ola i need help with Ideas and suggestions for submitting a project build in .NET for MCA Final Year. it's for a FRIEND :D so just need some ideas on what to build and everything. Thanks in advance. :lol:
  11. R

    robotics and computer hardware club

    i don't really know what section of the TDF does this go into but i think this is the closest. i'm starting a robotics and comp. hardware club in my school. i already know about NEX kits and picaxe components in robots but i need ideas for projects related to this stuff. i also knowhow to...
  12. D

    Want best over the ear headphones under 2000 FOR BEST MUSIC EXP.

    Hi guyz i want to buy over the ear headphones which sounds best for music under 2000bucks any ideas pls rpls ASAP!
  13. F

    Nokia Asha 210 Availability

    I want to buy Nokia Asha 210, its released but still not available. Any ideas what could be the reason ? And when would it be availble ?
  14. oroboros

    Protection for laptop

    Hi everyone, I got my new laptop a while back and installed a trial version of avast. The subscription has expired, i am considering new options to protect my laptop completely.I am open to ideas.
  15. webgenius

    Gift ideas for engagement

    Hi guys, I'm getting engaged in a couple of weeks :). My fiance has hinted that she has got a gift for me. I need to give her a return gift. I was looking for ideas and I found this: LINK. What do you guys think? Is it good enough? Can you guys recommend any other better options?
  16. D

    Know anything about Investments/ making money ?

    After working for two years, I am at a position where I can think of doing something with my earnings other than just feeding myself. I do maintain a savings account & have a fair bit saved for a rainy stormy day but I'd like to know what else I could do. I don't know nothing about Investments/...
  17. Nerevarine

    usb to jtag cable

    any ideas where I can buy one of these besides eBay ?
  18. S

    Engineering project!!

    Hello everyone... I am currently pursuing engineering in Comp Sci. and would like to take ideas for doing a project... I also have a classmate from Electronics who would be my partner. I would be very grateful if you can give us a few ideas on some new and upcoming topics where we can do a project??
  19. R


    Hi all,newbie here and so excited to be member of this community.I want to say you thank you before any proceeding.This is really nice forum for sharing ideas and suggestion.I will gain maximum knowledge here.I also want to share my ideas on the board.
  20. S

    Mobile without camera for 5K ?

    Guys, Please suggest a nice mobile without camera for 5K. Should be a color mobile and features such as Music , FM are required. Any ideas? Thanks
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