1. sling-shot

    Horn NOT OK Please

    Horn NOT OK Please ---------------------------------- How do you feel driving on the roads? Road rage? Do you often feel like slapping the morons on the road? Do you end up blaring the horn at people who stop in the middle of the road? Last year this was my situation. I was losing my...
  2. Nipun

    Lightest & Smallest Video Recorder

    Hello, humans! I have been looking for a dashboard camera for a long time. Since I am not able to find a good one, I'm thinking of a DIY. While there are also a lot of other things to consider, I just want to know some of the smallest cameras which I can just stick behind IVRM while driving...
  3. H

    Motorcycle Driving School in Delhi?

    Hey guys is there any motorcycle driving school in delhi? I wanted to learn bike. Thanks in advance.
  4. B

    Query on smart card driving licence.Need help from anyone in bangalore.

    I took my driving licence from bangalore 6 yrs back.I left bangalore sometime after that.Recently only I came across the news that smart card driving licence has been introduced in karnataka in the year 2009 and all DL holders have to switch to smart cards within 2 years(i.e.2011).But I have not...
  5. R

    Tata Nano, Marutu 800 or Maruti Omni

    Hi all, I have to buy my 1st car and just got my driving license and I am not used to driving on street. I have to decide between these 3, TATA NANO, MARUTI 800 or MARUTI OMNI 8 Seater, no other choices. I will drive only inside city. I will have to buy within a week and I am very much...
  6. newway01

    Logitech Driving Force GT

    I need a Logitech Driving Force GT for PC/PS3. Shipping Charges not a problem. Someone got one up for sale, let me know. :smile: Location: Kochi, Kerala.
  7. reddead

    Must have android app:sanity

    Sanity makes your phone calls better, easier and healthy. Take care of your health during phone calls: Sanity is the innovative application for reducing electromagnetic waves! Sanity can automatically turn on handsfree when the phone isn't close to your ear (using proximity sensor)! In this...
  8. happy17292

    Zebronics Zeb-500RW 1 day used [bouth 15days ago] @ 1k/- inc Shipping

    *i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv292/hgps/SNAP0060.jpg *i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv292/hgps/SNAP0061.jpg bought 15days ago. For Rs1650/- used 1 day. selling @ Rs1k inc. shipping complete bill, Wheel [gear knob attached], pedals, box, driver CD etc. PC,PS2 compatible...
  9. N

    My Review of Need For Speed Shift

    Hi! I got my hands on NFS Shift original version from my cousin. Here is my review. The PC specs and Game settings are as below PC: Intel C2D E7200 2.53GHz 1066MHz FSB Intel DG31PR mobo 2GB DDR2 667MHz RAM XFX GeForce 8600GT with 512MB DDR2 Samsung HD250HJ 250GB HDD Samsung SyncMaster 794MG...
  10. sam9s

    My First Car under 4Lakh..Suggestions

    Hi All, Coming straight to business budget is 4 Lakh and I can not stretch it to even 4.15 so suggest accordingly. My requirements are a bit different than the normal choice. First I will list what I can easily compromise on... 1. Space .... no issue have a small family, but yes driving...
  11. tkin

    GTA IV Running Too Fast

    I need help with GTA IV, the game runs too fast on my PC, I'm not talking about FPS(about 50 @ 1024x768 ), but animations like walking, driving or anything that moves in the game is moving at twice the speed. Take look at these videos I've found...
  12. Krazzy Warrior

    GTA-SA Help Shooting While Driving

    I have completed 66 Missions in GTA-SA...[no cheat] There is a cheat "Toogle Full Weapon Aiming While Driving" which make CJ to look out from the car gate and so we can shot which any restriction...but i don't use cheat so I wanna know is there any way by which I can implement this in my game...
  13. latino_ansari

    Driving Liscence????

    I am nepali citizen currently in bangalore.... I am living in a PG... I want to get a bike.... But how to get the liscence... I think for making Driving Liscence u need ID proof and stay proof.... Do they accept college ID cards with the address of my PG... If not what options do i have...
  14. Krazzy Warrior

    GTA:San Andreas Help

    I have completed 40 Mission in GTA:SA (Times Cheated:0.....proud of this). I have some queries regarding the game:- :arrow: I wanna play my own music during the gameplay. I read somewhere that it is possible to do in GTA-SA. Can u just give me the steps how to do that ?? :arrow: I have...
  15. E

    Got problem with Car windshiled need help

    I got some stains on my windshield , experts says it caused by borewell water washing , i have been cleaning my car with bore well water ever since i bought it . Driving at Rainy nights is impossible to me , can this stains be removed ?from the glass , would thinner work ? ? monsoons are...
  16. gsoul2soul

    Wscript driving me NUTTTTSSS !!!

    grrr... this is making me insane!! My PC in office is driving me... and probably everyone CRAZY!! Whenever you open the PC... the wscript opens and then the message comes. the popup window will not... NOT go!! It says: Cannot find script file: c:\documents and settings\Manish\boot.vbs...
  17. ComputerUser

    Help me install lame!!!

    I have installed Klite Mega Codec Pack many times but lame is not being installed!! I have seen each option carefully,checked up everything,searched for lame but no lame is to be found!!! Help me!!! It's driving me mad!!!:mad:
  18. T

    anybody gave driving test recently?

    so i turned 18 2 months ago and i applied for learning license. i have that and have learnt driving also. so now i am ready for the driving test. i will take it in 2-3 days. but i want to know from someone who might have given recently what do they make u do and are there many theory...
  19. gangadhar

    Bus Driver(small Game)

    Description Bus Driver is all about driving buses. In Bus Driver, your job is to transport passengers around an attractive and realistic city. You must drive to a timetable on a planned route, whilst obeying traffic rules, and taking care not to upset or injure your passengers. This makes Bus...
  20. iMav

    Studies Indicate Racing Games Cause Driving Accidents

    Researchers say racing games may cause more accidents and more road rage Several days ago, DailyTech reported that researchers at Britain's BSM driving institution conducted a study that revealed gamers who play driving games tend to drive faster in real life. A new study by researchers at...
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