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Right off the assembly line
Hello friends, first of all I see this forum is very active which is great, so I toughed I would share a nice game with you.
The game I want to share is non-other than GTA V mod for Android. You can download it from this page: GTA 5 Android apk download from Google Drive! | Apkplaygame
Now some words about it, it's GTA San Andreas modified version with GTA 5 theme, cars and some more stuff. It also has improved gameplay as it uses GTA 4 car handing.
You can drive nearly all cars introduced in V, plus SA cars and some more cars not seen in these two. So you have huge choice of cars.
Roads and environment isn't exact like in V but it's improved compared to SA with more modern and beautiful graphics and textures.
Another good update is sounds, this game has different sounds and radio songs than San Andreas.
Other changes includes V character, police, pre-installed cheats for vehicles and guns(swipe two fingers to activate cheats). And my favorite "Power" button which supercharges cars and bikes :D
I have also seen other GTA 5 mods but this one is the best with most stuff and stable gameplay.
Game is huge, about 4Gb in size but it's not much heavier than San Andreas, I play it on highest graphics on my Fire Phone with 2Gb RAM and haven't faced any problem.
If you have any questions I will be happy to answer and listen your opinions :)
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