1. X

    GTA 5 mod for Android!

    Hello friends, first of all I see this forum is very active which is great, so I toughed I would share a nice game with you. The game I want to share is non-other than GTA V mod for Android. You can download it from this page: GTA 5 Android apk download from Google Drive! | Apkplaygame Now some...
  2. rohitshakti2

    How to open Music Files & magazines Downloaded by Jio Using Another Apks

    Hi friends, I am using Jio connection. Jio music & video downloads files and stores them on the mobile. But when I try to open these files from another music apk, these could not be opened. Secondly I am also using Jio magazine apk which downloads magazines in pdf form with a password and...
  3. rohitshakti2

    How to use Ampere apk?

    Hi Pls tell How to use Ampere apk? I recently installed Ampere apk. I tried but most of the 1-2 amp charger at home, my 2 amp chargers are showing reading of 1800+ but after a few minutes they come below 700 or so. Am I doing something wrong or Pls tell how to use this apk properly ...
  4. rohitshakti2

    Songs downloaded using Jio not working on other mobiles

    Hi friends I have a Jio sim and I have downloaded many songs using their apk 'jio music' but when I copy those songs to other phones, they are not working, can anyone help how to remove it's protection from Jio apk. 2ndly is there any method to play mobile videos in n ok n wifi tv using...
  5. Baker

    whats app upgrade issue

    Today i opened the whatsapp and i got a message saying , whatsapp need to be upgraded , then i clicked on the upgrade button. it downloaded one apk file , but installation for the apk is unsuccessful with out any valid reason. so i went to settings-->apps and tries to uninstall the whatsapp...
  6. rohitshakti2

    Not able to adjust Dish for DD Direct + channels

    Friends, I have recently installed a new dish for watching DD Direct Free channels. I have aliened the antenna (dish) at 93.5 degree using mobile apk satalite director. I could not take a snap of the dish but have noted it down and the same is replicated in the below snap. This is the looks...
  7. rohitshakti2

    Apk like mobogenie as I am unable to connect with it

    I have installed mobogenie for backup of my ph and for installing the udpates of my apks through it. But my Moto E is unable to connect through it on my pc. So is there any other apk such as this ? regards
  8. R

    Dish Online For Android?

    Hey guyz I want Dish online APK to install on my phone. I live in the UAE hence it is not possible to install from Google play store as it not available for UAE region. Any links please ? I have market enabler app with rooted phone. So Can I fake Indian IP ? - - - Updated - - - can somebody...
  9. J

    is device id in android phones unique or changeable

    Hi i am new to android. i am confused if device id in android phones is unique to the phone or associated to the google play account or changeable. the reason i ask this is because i want to use a software called apk leecher to download apps as i currently dont have wifi with my internet...
  10. A

    'Application not installed' Error Android

    I have an application's .apk file when i installed that apk directly it ran well. Later i opened that apk in winrar and replaced an image file in drawer-hdpi folder, when i try to install this new apk file it gives me 'Application not installed' Error. I even tried signing the new apk still...
  11. Harivel

    How i unpack/unzip .apk files??

    Plszz Help Me out!! How i unpack apk files to view the files??:-|
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