android game

  1. X

    GTA 5 mod for Android!

    Hello friends, first of all I see this forum is very active which is great, so I toughed I would share a nice game with you. The game I want to share is non-other than GTA V mod for Android. You can download it from this page: GTA 5 Android apk download from Google Drive! | Apkplaygame Now some...
  2. B

    Find action game

    Hi, I have plenty of free time, Im loking for the action game for my device, Samsung Galaxy S5. Do you have any suggession??? Thanks
  3. Neuron

    I'm now officially an android developer!

    I've finally done it! My first ever android game! The game is titled MultiPingPong and is a simple ping pong game with multiplayer capability over bluetooth. The game is highly customizable. You can choose from 5 different difficulty levels, 5 games speed levels and 3 control methods. Best of...
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