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Sorry if I seemed harsh, I wasn't trying to be. If the remark offended you, then I apologize, it was unintended. I was only trying to set the record straight, and there were TOO many posts talking about which platform the game was coming out for, when it should have been settled in the beginning itself. I just want this thread to talk about the game rather than an argument about which platform its out for over and over again. :) I hope you can understand.


And What makes you say that Raj? Arent we here to discuss things be it anything related to technology and games, as a whole, in this section of the forums. The forum has its own first hands on review on the PSP from Deathdart and there are many others for sure owning the PSP. So If you thought no one owns a PSP in here, you have it misunderstood. Besides you dont need to have a PSP yourself to discuss things related with PSP. Everyone can be a part of the discussion. After all this is what, I mean the games with a particular handheld, which would make people get the PSP or be it any other handheld.

Nothing against you, I hope you get the point :)


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I have, i'd surely i had a PSP, man the thing is so awesome, but i am saving moolah for Xbox 360 :D So it's either PSP or X360 and i choose latter :mrgreen:


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I have a PSP, as Sourabh already stated, and I'm definitely getting GTA LCS for it! I'm so excited about it already! It's gonna be so much better than the games I've played already.

I didn't like the graphics of LCS all that much though. Metal Gear AC!D, Ridge Racer etc. have much better graphics.


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^^^And that makes me jealous of you already! PSP was already giving me a heartburn and now PSP with GTA, ahhhhh! That's too much!!! :)

So have you pre-ordered it already?

I am in a bit of dark about the plot setting. All that I know is that it will be set a few years before the events of GTA3 but who actually is Tony Cippriani? Too lazy to check out it's site! :)


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I just had a look at the screenshots and read some gameplay reviews. The game seems to play pretty good and from the latest screenshots I just saw at IGN, looks like it's graphics have been improved too.

And no, I haven't pre-ordered it. I'll be buying Burnout Legends in a few days and will order LCS from eBay after it releases.
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